Though alien in it’s expanding and mutable audio-visual form, the SURORGANIC realm is not less real than human. It can be experienced physically and collectively, through space interaction during live events; virtually and alone, through the website; and it can be encountered ‚digi-physically’ in pieces, while sharing the daily environment.

Following the surreality of the organic forms and the correspondence of virtual and physical, nature and technology, human and-non human, the collective focusses on creating ’digi-physical’ AV environments, having temporality of the physical exhibitions, based on live events and space interaction, complemented (rather than documented) in the space of virtual infinity.


Formed and currently based in London.

A collaboration of Alicja Lilianna Szpila, visual mixed media practice, and Lukasz Poleszak sound and music production, along with web development and coding.

Alicja Lilianna Szpila

From Cracow, Poland. Graduated from UAL: London College of Communication specialising in Photography, she is a cross-disciplinary artist working with, but not limited to, photography, moving image, installation and 3D. Often collaborating with sound and music production. Her work revolves around aspects of the unknown, exploring the in-between spaces of organic and synthetic, fantasy and knowledge, body and mind, likewise, the correlation of human and non-human subjects.

Lukasz Poleszak

Polish sound artist, music producer and composer, currently living in London. Electronic, film and theatre music author, as well as creator of the project Wudec. He is an organizer of many events and festivals and a promoter of the underground club scene and rave culture in Poland.
His early inspirations come from hip-hop and 60s music. Over the years, he has created his own style, bringing together cyberpunk, psychedelic and mystic aesthetics, and named it „trippintronic”.


2020 London College of Communication Graduate Showcase, Digital